Increase (Zhuhai) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd was registered in August 2017, the Biomedical Demonstration Zone of Jinwan District, Zhuhai. It plans to build a manufacturing plant which covers an area of 60 acres. The main business is an innovative intelligent manufacturing company that integrates pilot scale-up, production process verification, clinical sample trial production, quality testing, industrial production and sales of innovative varieties such as new Chinese medicines and sterile preparations.

The company now has 7,000 square meters of pilot test sites for drug research and development, which mainly develops Chinese Classical Formulas, Chinese dispensing granule, new drug of TCM, pilot scale-up and trial production of sterile preparations (ophthalmic, injection, aerosol inhalation) and other varieties. In October 2017, the company purchased an additional 35,000 square meters of land for the industrial production of sterile preparations (ophthalmic, injection and aerosol inhalation) and technical services for drug processing.

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